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Indonesia Interested to Import 1 million tons of Rice from Pakistan

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Indonesia has shown interest to import 1 million tons of rice from Pakistan, as told by Iwan Suyudhie Amri—the Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan.

While conversing with the members of the Multan Chamber of Commerce (MCC) on Friday, Mr Amri said that Jakarta was working to attain an agreeable mechanism for everyone in regard to the import of one million tons of rice from Pakistan, as reported by the local media.

He gave an invitation to the local makers, industrialists and exporters for participating in the 33rd Trade Expo which is to be held in Indonesia from the 24th of October until the 28th for enhancing and boosting the business activities.

Mr Amri mentioned that it has been decided that a free thirty day-visa would be granted to the traders and visitors from one hundred and seventy-four nations and registered buyers would be greeted well at the Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport.

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Mr Amri while recalling the basis of the bilateral ties between the two nations said that they had been cordial and nice since they started.

He further said that serious attempt, are now required to be made for translating these ties into greater economic partnership.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan mentioned the volume of bilateral trade which is $2.18 billion, which is actually very much lesser than the actual present potential.

He is of the belief that exports from Pakistan should increase by a good rate. Mr Amri expressed his appreciation for the improved law and order situation in the nation and said that would for sure impact the exports to Indonesia positively.

While talking about the CPEC, Mr Amri said that it would be attracting advantageous foreign investment and would provide benefits to all the regional nations.

Mr Amri about halal food said that Pakistan was getting the halal food certifications quickly which would help it in increasing these exports to Indonesia.

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