Indo-Pak Nuclear War can kill 125 million People, cause Global Famine – Research


A paper has predicted that by 2025, the arsenals of India and Pakistan will be expanded to 250 warheads each.  If a nuclear war occurs between the two nuclear-armed states, it can kill 125 million people, cause global famine and can trigger ice-age temperatures.

Just recently Imran Khan warned and said at the United Nations annual summit, “There is a potential that two nuclear-armed countries will come face to face at some stage.”

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The researchers have predicted that in an extreme scenario, a cloud of black soot can envelop the sky. It will cause temperatures to fall dramatically.

Alan Robock, an author of the study said, “It would be instant climate change. Nothing like this in history, since civilization was developed, has happened.”

Robock in his paper said that even though the nuclear war isn’t likely, but it is possible.

Robock said, “We clearly don’t want to burn cities and see what would happen. Most scientists have test tubes or accelerators. Nature is our laboratory, so we use models.”

It is not speculated in the paper, as to which nation is more likely to initiate a conflict. But if India wants to destroy the major cities of Pakistan, it needs to deploy around 150 nuclear weapons.  However as some weapons might fail or miss the target, the model is based on 100 weapons explosion. And if Pakistan attacked the major cities of India, it will deploy 150 nuclear weapons.

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