India’s Jet Airways Downfall – International Flights Cancelled

Flight canceled

The Indian airline Jet Airways has cancelled many international flights. Also it has grounded 10 aircraft as it failed to pay the lessors.

Jet Airways spokesperson said, “We have cancelled all long-haul west-bound international flights from India from tonight until tomorrow (Friday) morning.”

Five flights to London, Paris, and Amsterdam got affected due to the cancellation. Also, services to Colombo and Singapore were canceled but Kathmandu flight did run.

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The spokesman further said that till Friday the flights to Asian countries would remain suspended. Until recently Jet Airways was the second biggest airline of India. But now with debts of over $1 billion, the airline is on the verge of collapse.

The carrier has been forced to ground the majority of its fleet as it struggles to pay aircraft lessors and staff. Due to non-payment, Jet Airways grounded 10 aircraft, as revealed by the Bombay Stock Exchange. So out of a fleet of 119, the airline just operates 16 planes. Its functional fleet is less than the number required by the Indian aviation regulators to fly overseas.

As hundreds of flights got cancelled without prior notice in recent weeks, thousands of Jet Airways customers were stranded.

It is pertinent to mention here that Jet Airways first got in to trouble when it failed to report the quarterly earnings or pay staff that included pilots. Then later it reported an $85 million loss.

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