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Indians Brought A Whole New Level of Elegance and Art in Their Taxis

There had been many complaints regarding the Indian taxi and tri-wheeled vehicles “auto-rickshaws” which are commonly known as the “Tik Tok” in the region by the locals and tourists. Some Indian guys took it to the next level and made a decision to develop this project to imaginary level or art and neatness.

They built a “Taxi Fabric” firm which cooperated with the cab and Tik Tok drivers on one hand, and some designers and furniture makers on the other hand in order to begin a detailed development process for these automobiles.

The local designers in Mumbai are making Tax Fabrics depicting stories of their city and the impact good designs could have.

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At Taxi Fabric the taxi seat covers are converted into canvases, thus providing a chance to the designers to show their talent and to boost the travel experience for thousands of locals.

The result is phenomenal as the photos show, the vehicles are provided with vibrant colourful furniture, decorated with creative and unique drawings.

The vehicles have been ornamented with random art yet bright and showy colours to make the vehicle interiors eye-catching.

The project attained a remarkable success and went viral throughout India as could be seen in the pictures.

In present times when the transportation needs are almost fulfilled by the ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem, the revamp of the local and conventional rickshaws and taxis would definitely give a boost to these automobiles as commuters would be intrigued to see and travel in such beauties themselves.

It is indeed a good step by the Indian guys for bringing some charm in the old boring kind of public transport.

Taxis in India are the most convenient mode of transportation and they also are the iconic representation of the city’s culture.

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