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Indian Woman Poisoned Dozens Because Relatives Humiliated Her

An Indian woman belonging to Khalapur is in police custody and would possibly be sentenced to death after the trial. She was taken into custody after the death of five people out of eighty-eight she poisoned at a house party arranged by one of her relatives.

Pradnya Survase—the twenty-three-year-old Indian lady had as per reports brought snake poison to the party intentionally to place it in the food of her husband and in-laws. As per her claims she has been humiliated by them over her dark skin and cooking skills for years.

Vishwajeet Kaingade—a senior police inspector is cited saying that Pradnya claims that ever since her marriage which took place two years back, she has been regularly mocked for her dark skin colour and accused of not being able to cook well. She has named her mother-in-law—Sinshu Survase, her sisters-in-law—Ujwala Pawar and Jyoti Ashok Kadam, her husband—Suresh Govind, her mother-in-law’s sister and her husband—Sarita Mane and Subhash Mane respectively, for torturing her.

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Unluckily for her, by the time she was able to put poison into the food, most of her targeted people had already eaten food. According to she then decided to poison the food when her mother-in-law’s sister along with her sister-in-law—Jyoti Kadam sat down for eating.

As per reports, the poisoned guests started complaining about stomach ache soon after eating the food. They were immediately taken to the hospital, however, five of them died.

One hundred and twenty guests in total attended the party.

Reportedly three children were the first ones to die at the hospital followed by the death of another child and a fifty-three years old guest.

Pradnya Survase’s evil doing was exposed only when police started investigating people regarding the poisoning incident and she admitted being the culprit.

Seemingly, preparations are being done for prosecuting the lady for her fate, however, as per the laws of India, she might be facing death sentence for her crime.

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