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Indian Protestors Target Karachi Bakery

Karachi Bakery

Some Indian protestors targeted the “Karachi Bakery” which is present in Bangalore, India thinking it to be a property of a Pakistani company in a recent incident of vandalism that has resulted after Pulwama attack.

A journalist—Nargarjun Dwarakanath who is related with India Today TV, tweeted a picture of the bakery and wrote that Indian protestors crammed Karachi bakery in Indiranagar, Bangalore and asked that the Karachi part be covered because of the Pulwama attack. He further wrote that the protestors were under the impression that the bakery is owned by a Pakistani firm.

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Nistula Hebber—a Political Editor of The Hindu—an extensively circulated English daily retweeted the post and said that the protestors have gone crazy, they are not even realizing that they are attacking their own people.

A section of the Indian media is bent on fanning anti-Pakistan and Kashmir feelings following the attack.

The propaganda has caused mob violence which witnessed many Kashmiris getting attacked at the hands of extremist forces.

Pakistan has asked India to make sure that the security of Pakistan and Kashmir is maintained.

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