Indian Police to Examine ‘spy pigeon working for Pakistan’ – Research Snipers

Indian Police to Examine ‘spy pigeon working for Pakistan’

A pigeon will be x-rayed by Amritsar police to examine if it is working for Pakistan or not. As per the news reports Ajnala town of the Amritsar district, the pigeon will be thoroughly examined to make sure that it has no spying gadget or tech installed in its body which might be sending coded messages. The pigeon was found near Pakistan border as per Times of India. It was later given to the local police for further investigation.

It is also believed that no matter how weird it sound birds are used to convey messages and it is not something unique on Punjab side.

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Earlier in Feb 2017, India claimed that they found a spy pigeon which came from Pakistan. Later the pigeon escaped as per the reports due to the negligence of relevant authorities.