Indian Hackers Hack Karachi Police Website

Karachi Police website has been hacked by Indian hackers. They have posted their name and logo on the Karachi Police Website. It seems that the Pakistan authorities have yet no idea about this hacking as no step has been taken to resolve it.

The logo displays the name of the Indian hacker group which is “Mallu Cyber Soldiers”. The hackers claim to be from India’s Kerala region. Below the logo displacing hacker group’s name, they have written ‘We love India’.

Also if you visit the website an audio is going on in the background of ’Vanda Mataram’.

The hackers have posted a link to their Facebook page along with targeting the “top rated news” portion of Karachi Police Website.

At the top-rated news section, the hackers have written ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’.

As per the hackers, they say that they want to voice their opinions against “injustice and discrimination”.

Visit the website for more info.

This hacking issue of Pakistani websites is going on for quite some time now. And it’s not just one-sided, Pakistani hackers have also returned back the favor. Quite recently Pakistan hackers hacked Indian Police Department’s website and wrote “freedom for India”. Then in August Official sites of many Pakistani services, including Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Works and others were hacked and destroyed by Indian programmers.

Now let’s see whether this game of hacking each other’s website will end for once or continue.

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