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Indian Film Association Bars Mika Singh After Performance in Pakistan

Mika Singh

On Tuesday the All India Cine Workers Association—AICWA issued an unconditional bar on the singer Mika Singh from the Indian film industry for performing at an event in Karachi, Pakistan as per the reports of Hindustan Times.

On Tuesday AICWA President—Suresh Shyamlal Gupta said that AICWA takes a stand of boycotting all his association with the movie production houses, online music content providers and the music companies.

The film unit boycotted Singh from all the movies and the music contracts with the entertainment firms.

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The film association further said that AICWA would make sure that no one in India would work with Mika Sindh and if anyone does, they would face lawful consequences in the court of law.

It further added that when the tension between the nations is at the peak, Mika Singh places the money above the pride of the nation.

As per reports, the singer charged an astounding $150,000 for the show he performed in Pakistan.

As soon as the video of the event surfaced on social media, Indians started criticizing Mika Singh immediately.

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