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Indian Director Praised “Cake”—the Movie

The Indian Director—Anurag Kashyap after watching the Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik and Aaminah Sheikh starrer movie—Cake has expressed his love for the film. He has immensely liked the film.

The Gangs of Wasseypur director took it to Twitter to applaud the Pakistani film and gave a shout out to the team, including Asim Abbasi.

He tweeted that Asim Abbasi’s “Cake” is a very strong movie and he said that he is super delighted that he is in a country and a city that is playing the movie on screen. He praised everyone linked to the movie.

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Asim Abbasi was respected and humbled by the Indian Director’s gesture and tweeted back a “thank you” in response.

Pakistani cinema has long been under struggles for making an impact and to match with the neighbour’s commercial reach. It seems that Asim Abbasi’s cake has proved quiet revolutionary in places.

The story revolves around two sisters, who reunites around an ailing father’s sickbed. The movie has dealt with minute details amazingly and is rich in its attitudes. The movie is very close to reality and in one way or the other everyone could relate to it. In true sense, it is a family movie that encourages one to remake and enjoy the family ties and to appreciate them as being the biggest blessings of all.

Cake is the first ever Pakistani movie to premiere at the Leicester Square and that also with a wide media coverage. The film released back at the end of March in Pakistan and ever since has been doing great business.

The film encourages a fresh and realistic portrayal of family relationship and dynamics and leaves everyone touched to the core.

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