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Indian Democracy’s Funeral is On its Way: Syed Ali Gilani

Indian barbarianism has started again in occupied Kashmir with brutal attacks on civilians, house arrests and curfews, Indian is trying to snub and strangle the voice of Kashmiris. The champions of democracy have been exposed by an 80 year of freedom fighter “Syed Ali Gillani”.

In a recent video leaked on Social media Syed Ali Gilani was arrested in the house and Indian troops locked the door from outside, Gillani repeated saying to open the door in local language but Indian troops are watching him just like they do not understand what he was saying.

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Gilani said, “Open the door, why don’t you open the door, what you are afraid of, “Indian democracy’s funeral is on its way” people are watching what Indian democracy is.”

Indian has recently deployed 25000 more troops in the region according to some reports, it was also reported yesterday that India has been using cluster bombs on civilians in occupied Kashmir along LOC, one of the local children took the bomb in his home assuming that its a toy, later it blasted in his house.