Indian Cyber Attackers Target Sensitive Pak Government Information

In India, there is an advanced persistent threat (APT) group that has been trying to gain access to Pak government information. The hackers from this group are trying to steal sensitive information via WhatsApp. Thus, an advisory has been issued against this group.

The details of the group revealed that the Modi-led government has been quite active on the cyber front. The government has tried now and again to access sensitive Pak government info, but it has remained unsuccessful in this mission. Thus, regarding this, another advisory has been issued against the Indian group APT.

There is a warning given in the advisory that this Indian group has targeted government departments aiming to access information via a software. Indian hackers are making an effort to steal info via the social media platform WhatsApp. The group could have stolen software, username passwords, and backup files.

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It has been recommended by the advisory to adopt a dual authentication system. It has also been suggested that MS word file is not opened with the email.

On another note, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detained an agent of the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) from Karachi.

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