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Indian companies re-branding Pakistani rice fraudulently—REAP Claims

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According to Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) Indian companies are trying to rebrand Pakistan rice and export to Indonesia with their own label on it.

REAP has called upon the ministry of commerce and urged them to take necessary action against this fraud which is being conducted by various Indian companies. REAP has also warned its members to be aware of these companies and avoid trade with them in order to stay away from illegal activities.

Indonesian governmental body BULOG has disseminated rice procurement tender and awarded tenders to various countries including India, the contract winners are required to fulfill the order in 30 days, some Indian companies approached their trade partners in Pakistan for delivering Irri-6 in order to dispatch the consignment to Indonesia on time. Pakistan’s Irri-6 is much better in quality and price as compared to Indian Irri-6 therefore; Indian companies are asking Pakistani exporters for procurement of Irri-6. According to Senior Vice Chairman REAP, Rafique Suleman, Indian companies are approaching Pakistani exporters for procurement with the condition that they will not print anything on the rice bags.

Rice collected from Pakistan will be exported to Indonesia with Indian brand name and address on it, which is extremely unlawful and illegal, it also hurts our name, REAP strongly condemns such acts, he added.

REAP has already sent letters to Federal Advisor on Finance Dr. Miftah Ismail, Revenue and Economic Affairs, Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Ministry of Commerce, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue FBR, Secretary Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Chief Collector Customs Enforcement, Collector Customs Exports and some others in order to take timely and necessary action against this development.

Pakistani rice export has started progressing in the last couple of years and came out of the crisis with the efforts of Pakistani departments including REAP, the department is working hard for the betterment of Pakistani Rice Export globally but these kinds of fraudulent activities could hurt Pakistani rice exports the Chairman said. This is neither legal nor in the interest of Pakistan, authorities should not tolerate this matter and take it seriously, he added.

He said, we have also asked the ministry of commerce about the status of Indian labeled rice which is actually Pakistani rice, they confirmed that it is 100% illegal and strict action would be taken against those who are involved in such activity.

REAP is working hard to promote Pakistani Rice in international markets, REAP is to organize Biryani Festival on Pakistan Day March 23 which will be attended by a delegation from Mauritius, on one side REAP is promoting rice exports to the international audience and these illegal activities are being done in the background is not going to work together, we must protect our name and ensure transparency in exports.