Indian Civil Service Paper copied from a Pakistani Website

Students in India appeared for competitive preliminary exams directed by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) It was reported by The Hindustan Times that the questions that came on the test were copied from a Pakistani website.

Later on, it was discovered that most of the questions were taken from the Pakistani website This website is a resource platform for civil services examinations in Pakistan. Moreover, some questions were taken from 2008 Union Public Service Commission exams but the options given were not appropriate.

Candidates further said that 90% of the questions in the paper was copied from the online discussion forum.

Tapi Omo, a candidate, informed “Some of the questions in general studies, sociology, and political science were in the context of a foreign country. We cross-checked and found they were straight out of the Pakistani resource site.”

Member of a steering committee Nani Bath who demanded a re-examination of the prelims said, “As most of the question papers of the examination were photocopied and some were also tampered with, we cannot deny the possibility of a leak. Moreover, too much copy-pasting has been done while setting up the papers, which is illegal.”

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Payeng said, “The commission will take a call as early as possible if an expert panel finds errors in the question papers.”

Tayun said, “This is a criminal offense, and the guilty should be punished.”

APPSC encountered a controversy previously as well. In the year 2015, four officials of the commission were dismissed over allegations of the leak of a question paper.

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