Indian Censor Board asked two historians to review the Controversial movie “Padmavati”

The Indian Censor Board has asked two historians from the Indian city “Jaipur” to review the movie “Padmavati”, whether the history showed in the movie was tempered or not.

The two historians from the Indian city are Professor B L Gupta and Professor R S Khangarot. B L Gupta is a professor of the history in Rajasthan Vishwavidhyala and a writer of many books on India during the medieval period, and the other one [R S Khangarot] is a principal of the Agarwal College.

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While speaking to the media, Khangarot said the whole scuffle associated with the movie is not between the “Padmavati” and its producer and director “Sanjay Leela Bhansali”, but between the Sanjay and the history. “Once we reviewed the movie, it will be cleared if the history has been tempered in the movie or not”.

It should be very clear to all of you that we will reveal the historical facts which will be the best according to our knowledge, and will not be related any political party of the country, Gupta said.

The Censor Board has formed a four-member panel to review the movie “Padmavati” next month.

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