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Indian Bus Passenger Arrested Over Stinking Socks

Indian people arrested a man for the crime of having smelly socks, which caused a fight between the owner of smelly socks and the fellow passengers.

According to the BBC reports a complaint is launched against this young gentleman Prakash Kumar of twenty-seven years. The report lodged claims that the man should be charged with “causing a public nuisance”.

The incident occurred on way to Delhi—the capital when Kumar removed his shoes and socks.

The socks were producing a disgusting odor that forced the fellow passengers to ask Kumar whether to throw away the socks or put them in his bag.

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Kumar refused to abide by the requests of the passengers and hence a heated argument started.

Passengers got furious and asked the bus driver to pull over the bus to the nearest police station. The complaint was registered in the Northern Indian State of Himachal Pradesh.

Kumar stated that his socks were not stinking, the passengers started the issue without any reason and led the issue into a fight against him.

As per the police station, Kumar had been granted bail.

Last month eight donkeys were jailed for four days in Uttar Pradesh—India, over the charge of destroying costly plants outside the jail compound.

Such developments are hilarious and keep one amused.

Stenching socks do make the survival and breathing of an individual really difficult. Cleanliness and basic hygiene workshops or courses should be conducted for teaching and training people with the basic ethics.

Having stinking socks is not a big crime or even a crime but for sure it is unethical especially when one is in between public.

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