Indian Army Only Have 10 Days of 'Vintage' Ammunition If War Brokes Out – Research Snipers

Indian Army Only Have 10 Days of ‘Vintage’ Ammunition If War Brokes Out

Indian Army Only Have 10 Days of Vintage Ammunition If War Brokes Out

An American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership, The New York Times said in its report that according to the Indian government estimates, if an intense war between Indian and Pakistan broke out, India could supply its troops with only 10 days of ammunition.

The report further claimed that 68% of Indian Army’s equipment is so old which is officially considered ‘Vintage’.

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“Our (Indian Army) troops lack modern equipment, but they have to conduct 21st-century military operations,” said Gaurav Gogoi, the member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense.

The report by the New York Times further said that India has lost its recent air battle with Pakistan, which has raised several questions on the capabilities of the Indian armed forces.

Abhinandan, a pilot of Indian Air Force found himself in a dogfight last week with a warplane from the Pakistani Air Force, and ended up a prisoner behind the enemy lines for a brief time, the report said.

After the decision taken by the government of Pakistan, the Indian pilot made it home, it added.