Indian Air Force officer commits suicide – Research Snipers

Indian Air Force officer commits suicide

INF officer suicide

An officer from Indian Air Force (IAF) found dead on Tuesday morning with a gunshot wound on his neck on a cot at his official residence at Veranda in Prayagraj’s Bamrauli Air Force Station Area.

Police found the body dead and classed it a suicide case, Hindustan Times reported earlier on Today. The officer named Arvind Sinha wing commander, a former defense public relations officer (PRO), has shot himself with his double barrel licensed gun at his residence the police said.

However, there was no suicide note found at the scene, according to the details and initial investigation Sinha was having personal problems for the last few days, said Sandeep Mishra, Dhumanganj police station incharge.

According to Senior Police Superintendent Atul Sharma, the IAF officials informed Dhumanganj police station about the incident in the morning. It is pertinent to mention that Indian Air Force started war with Pakistan by violating its airspace on Tuesday morning and claims to attack Pakistan with their so called surgical strike. India claims that Indian jets targeted 350 terrorists in Pakistan and used 1000 Kg bombs to kill them. However, Pakistani authorities out rightly rejected the claims.