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Indian Air Force MiG-21 Aircraft Crashed Again


Another Indian Air Force (IAF) has crashed, as the country loses its fourth aircraft in two weeks. The MiG-21 Bison aircraft crashed in the Rajasthan state.

As per the Indian Air Force the aircraft crashed due to a suffering from a bird strike as it was on a routine training. Further stating that the pilots ejected and are safe.

According to a local police officer the IAF MiG-21 crashed around 12 kilometers from Bikaner.

In a statement the IAF said that MiG-21 had taken off from the Nal airbase of IAF.

 “Today afternoon a MiG-21 aircraft on a routine mission crashed after getting airborne from Nal near Bikaner. Initial inputs indicate the likely cause as the bird hit after take off. The pilot of the aircraft ejected safely. A CoI [Court of Inquiry] will investigate the cause of the accident.”

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This news of MiG-21 crash in Rajasthan has come at a time when tensions have escalated between India and Pakistan in the last couple of weeks.

On Feb 27th  Indian aircraft tried to enter Pakistan’s airspace but were brought down and the Indian Air Force’s Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured and later released as a gesture of goodwill by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.