Indian actress praises Pakistani Air Traffic Controller for saving a flight from disaster

Raveena Tandon—an Indian actress praised a Pakistani Air Traffic Controller (ATC) for saving India-Muscat bound flight from disaster.

“When humanity wins over politics. Pakistani air traffic controller saves a Jaipur to Muscat flight from disaster,” the Bollywood actress, in her tweet, said.

According to the details of the incident, the flight was heading towards Oman’s Muscat from an Indian city Jaipur and carried as many as 150 passengers. The details further said that the plane was caught in the middle of a weather pattern, followed by lightning, while it was flying over Pakistan’s Karachi.

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The pilot of the flight carrying 150 people initiated an emergency protocol to broadcast ‘Mayday’ to nearby air traffic control station.

The Air Traffic Controller (ATC) responded to the pilot’s call and directed it through the dense air traffic for the remaining journey.

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