India Is Sponsoring Anti-Pakistan Groups

Balochistan House is an anti-Pakistan group which is funded by India to spread untruthful rumors against the state in Geneva as informed by Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Nafees Zakariya. He further said that the PM of India Narendra Modi himself claimed once that India supports and funds groups working against Pakistan.

The foreign office spokesperson answered the query regarding posters in Geneva against Pakistan by explaining that they have dedicated all their efforts to ensure that no group or person carries malicious activities.

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He was disappointed with Japan’s backing up to Indian policy statement. Also, Nafees clarified that PM Pakistan meeting has not been canceled, only delayed.

Zakariya was critical about India’s leadership as well Japan’s. As both countries mentioned Pakistan’s name for protecting the terrorist group. He confirmed though that India is sponsoring anti-Pakistan groups and movements both inside and outside the country. They are funding these groups to threaten and weaken Pakistan

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