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India, Somalia in Pakistan’s ‘B’ Visa Category

Pakistan has listed India, and Somalia in the ‘B’ visa category. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nigeria, and Palestine have been removed from the B-list countries category by Pakistan. Earlier the list comprised of 6 nations that were in that list.

Now as Pakistan does not recognize Israel, Armenia, and Taiwan as sovereign countries, thus they are not in any visa list category of Pakistan. Furthermore, Afghanistan is also part of no list.

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As the commerce ministry proposed to increase the list of business visa countries from 68 to 96, Pakistan has added 28 countries to its ‘A’ visa list.

The countries in which Pakistan’s export exceeds $10 million those nations have been included in the visa list. Thus, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Chile are part of the visa list.

The existing policy states that Pakistan will issue ‘five-year multiple double entry visa(s)’ to outsiders that wish to visit Pakistan for business or travelling purposes.

A recommendation letter must be taken by businessmen from their chamber of commerce and industry along with an invitation letter from the respective business organizations. ‘3-month tourist visa(s)’ can be granted by Pakistan missions abroad in which Pakistani government has included 24 nations.

Gratis visa/accreditation card will be issued by the ministry of foreign affairs under the diplomatic visa category for diplomatic assignment tenure.

The embassy will issue ‘five year validity and one year stay multiple entry visa’ under family visa category for the foreigners. Also for foreign students 2-year study visas will be issued.