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India reveals anti-smog gun to combat air pollution

India has utilized a new weapon to combat air pollution dubbed “Anti-smog gun” on Wednesday of New Delhi. The Indian authorities hope it will clear the skies above Delhi contrary to environmentalists who argue that it’s not a permanent but a band-aid solution.

According to the manufacturers of the gun, the cannon shoots fine water droplets into the air which flushes harmful airborne pollutants from the air.

The gigantic water cannon is mounted on heavy truck shaped like a large hair dryer was tested in the locale of New Delhi’s east which is closer to the industrial area, the air in that area is mostly pollutant.

According to the US embassy figures, the harmful particles present in the air in “Anand Vihar” area of New Delhi is 15 times worse than the World Health Organization (WHO) safety benchmark.

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The cannon is designed to combat most pollutant and construction sites, it costs roughly $31,000. Government officials are ready to give it a try. According to Delhi’s environment minister Imran Hussain, “If this proves to be successful, then we will expand the cannon on the streets of New Delhi as soon as possible”.

The manufacturer Cloud Tech claims that the cannon is capable of shooting 100 liters of water in one minute into the air and clears almost 95% of airborne pollutants.

Major critique Greenpeace an environmental organization was not happy with the solution at all. According to the spokesperson Greenpeace, the cannon is actually a distraction from the root causes of air pollution in the city. The city’s chief minister describes Delhi as a “gas chamber” construction sites, industrial emission, vehicles exhaust all contribute to bad air in the city and it becomes worse when winter comes, cool air allow pollutants to stick with it.

This is not a solution at all, you may use the cannon at various locations to reduce the pollution but the real solution lies in controlling the root cause of pollution rather than spraying water, Sunil Dahiya told AFP.

Doctors declared a health emergency in New Delhi during November when the conditions there got worse, schools in the city were also shut down. According to Cloud Tech the manufacturer of the canon said two to three cannons would do little, at least 30 to 40 canons are required to effectively combat notorious air in the city.