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India Requests Permission to Fly PM Modi’s Plane over Pakistan’s Airspace

The Indian High Commission has officially requested the Pakistani Authorities to give permission to for flying PM Modi’s plane over the airspace of Pakistan.

The request was put forward by India is under consideration for granting the permit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aeroplane to fly over Pakistan on the 13th of June on his way to Kyrgyzstan.

The world leaders which includes the Prime Minister of Pakistan—Imran Khan are to visit Bishkek—which is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan for attending the meeting of the SCO—Shanghai Corporation Organization on June 13 and 14.

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Previously, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority—PCAA extended the Airspace restriction on its Eastern border until June 14 for all the commercial flights.

A same kind of request was made by the Indian authorities on the 21st of May for the former foreign minister—Sushma Swaraj to fly over the airspace of Pakistan for SCO meeting at the same location. The government of Pakistan was given special permission by the minister.

The CAA concerns are on the rise as the airspace ban continues to last. The revenues have suffered as the main source of income that is of providing navigation services to connecting flights has been choked.

The nominal charges for the local flights have also been annulled.

Owing to the ban the Indian airlines, their passengers have suffered the most. As per the reports, the air cargo service between India and Afghanistan have dropped majorly.

The flights of the national flag carrier to the far-east have also suffered while the Indian airlines are also experiencing the losses of billions each month.

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