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India Ranked as the Most Dangerous Country for Women

India is ranked as the most dangerous country for the women in the whole world. As per global experts poll by Thomson Reuters Foundation there is an increased risk of sexual assault and women harassment in India. The second highly populated city in the world New Delhi is considered the worst place for sex attacks on women along with Sao Paulo in Brazil.

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After India in the second and third position are Afghanistan and Syria as the worst place for women. Somalia and Saudi Arabia are given 4th and 5th spot respectively. In Saudi Arabia changes are being made by the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to make it a better place for women like allowing them to drive.

There is one Western country as well in the top ten list of dangerous countries for women. Surprisingly the USA is ranked as the 10th most dangerous country for the women. The #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns against sexual harassment in the USA highlighted the growing issue in the country.

In terms of cities, Egypt’s capital Cairo was rated as the most dangerous city for the women. It was followed by Mexico City and Dhaka.

The safest city for women was Tokyo

Manjunath Gangadhara, an official at the Karnataka state government said, “India has shown utter disregard and disrespect for women … rape, marital rapes, sexual assault and harassment, female infanticide has gone unabated.”

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Adding, “The (world’s) fastest growing economy and leader in space and technology is shamed for violence committed against women.”

In 2016, 2,155 rapes were recorded in Dehli which was a 67% rise from 2012. In Sao Paulo in July 2,287 rapes were recorded compared to 2,868 rapes in the whole 2016 year. Thus it seems that instead of making their country safer for the women, it is just becoming more unsafe.