India Possibly to Launch Attacks Against Pakistan Between April 16-20 – Research Snipers

India Possibly to Launch Attacks Against Pakistan Between April 16-20

attacks against Pakistan

Shah Mahmood Qureshi—the Foreign Minister on Sunday said that India is intending to launch attack against Pakistan between 16th to 20th April.

While speaking at a press conference, the Foreign Minister said that Islamabad has informed the members of Security Council (SC) United Nations of its concern about the possible Indian aggression.

He said that India is making plans for a new action against Pakistan. He added that Islamabad in no way desires New Delhi to advance against Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan has got good and credible information about the Indian planes.

The statement was released after 2 days of the US defence officials telling the Foreign Policy magazine that Indian’s claim of shooting down of F-16 of Pakistan was not correct.

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He asked the big powers to play their role instead of being the silent audience.

The minister said that the international community should take notice of the irresponsible attitude of India.

While responding to a question, he said that that the Foreign Secretary has made contacts with Russia, United Kingdom and China to inform them of the concerns of Pakistan.

The minister recounted the latest events that occurred between Pakistan and India following the Pulwama attack and said that New Delhi’s claim of shooting down F-16 are incorrect.

He added that Pakistan released the apprehended Indian pilot in a gesture of peace.

When inquired regarding Pakistan’s stance, the minister said that they reserve the right to self-defence.

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