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India and Pakistan are among the top investors in Dubai real estate

Pakistan is ranked 3rd largest investor in Dubai following UAE and India being the 1st and 2nd largest investors

According to Dubai Land Department, Pakistan and India are among the top 10 nations who invested in Dubai real estate market between 2016 and 2017.

However, UAE based investors are the leading ones who outperformed rest of the world’s investors.

Director General of Dubai Land Department said, “People from 217 nationalities have invested a total of Dh 151 billion in Dubai’s real estate. This indicates the confidence level people have in Dubai’s property which is featured with strong regulatory environment providing security to all parties.”

According to the report, UAE is the first which made Dh 12 billion worth of transactions valued at 37.4 billion. India made 10.6 billion transactions worth Dh 20.4 billion. Pakistan, on the other hand, made, 5.39 billion transactions worth 7 billion.

KSA made 5.36 billion transactions valued at 12.5 billion. Though KSA has invested more than Pakistan in terms of value Pakistan is leading due to the number of transactions made in the real estate business.

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This indicates Pakistan has relatively smaller investors who make less valued transactions. But Pakistan is the third country who is actively involved in purchasing and selling Dubai’s property enabling the country to be ranked at number 3 in Dubai’s real estate.

The United Kingdom is the fifth most active investor in Dubai’s property market, UK investors have made 4.18 billion transaction value at Dh 8.9 billion.

Egypt and Jordan are ranked at number 6 and 7 respectively. China is not actively involved in Dubai’s property as compared to other nations despite having a potential to invest more than everyone else. China is the 8th most popular investor in Dubai and Lebanon comes after China at number 9. The United States of America secures the 10th place in the graph with 1.11 billion transactions valued at Dh 2.87 billion.