India getting signals from Israel for oppression in occupied Kashmir

Indian occupied kashmir

The joint resistance leadership in occupied Kashmir has called upon international organizations including United Nations, Amnesty International and Asia Watch for the worst oppression being conducted by Indian forces in the territory.

According to the joint statement given by the leadership in Srinagar, reported by Kashmir media service, Kashmir is similar to what is happening in Palestine, India takes cues from Israel to impose new forms of oppression on the people of Kashmir.

The statement further said, Indian forces have been conducting cordon and search operations in the territory and they kill youth with impunity, India has deployed tens and thousands of troops in the region to keep oppressing the ordinary people in Kashmir who are raising voices for their freedom—App reported.

In the United States, the religious freedom activists have spoken against the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for not controlling the Hindutva groups that carry out violence against Muslims and Christians.

The Indian-American Muslim Council organized a seminar “Religious Freedom in India” where they criticized Indian Prime Minister and Indian policies during the conference in Washington.

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