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India Extends Lockdown for 2 More Weeks

On Saturday, state ministers after having a chat over the falling economy with Narendra Modi, decided to extend the lockdown for two more weeks.

The lockdown was supposed to end on Tuesday, but with the increasing death rate territories and chief ministers of 29 states pressed PM Modi to prolong the lockdown in India, which has a population 1.3 billion.

Odisha and Punjab were the first two states to extend the lockdown for two more weeks but then the critics stood up and asked to impose the lockdown all over the country so that people stop travelling between states carrying virus along with them.

Up till now, the country has reported 7500 cases with 240 deaths but the government claims that not a single case has been detected due to community transmission.

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The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal appreciated Modi’s decision for the extension of the lockdown in a tweet.

He further wrote that India’s condition is still better than the other developed countries because they imposed the lockdown at the early stages.

But still, the government hasn’t made an immediate announcement and they say that PM Modi might not release a statement until Sunday.

Reports say that the government fears that the ban on international flights and the lockdown will create difficulty for the economy which is already falling down due to the pandemic outbreak.

Lockdown caused mass migration as the workers are returning back to their homes. Also, the lockdown caused mass unemployment.

The entire country is affected by the virus but the most affected state is Maharashtra which carries in it the financial capital Mumbai. The state has reported 1,600 confirmed cases with 110 deaths.

The virus is spreading alarmingly in the Dharavi district of Mumbai. Vijay Khabale Patil Mumbai council spokesman said that more cases have been identified at the Extensive medical camps in Dharavi and in other areas of Mumbai.

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