India Expels Two Pakistani Embassy Officials For Alleged Spying

pakistan high commission India

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that two officials have been expelled from the Pakistani embassy in New Delhi on charges of “involvement in espionage activities.” The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “the government has declared the aforementioned officials two persons who are not desirable for their involvement in activities inconsistent with their mission as members of a diplomatic mission,” indicating that they must leave the country “within 24 hours.”

At the beginning of May, Germany announced that it would begin on August 25 the trial of an Indian citizen accused of spying on Sikhs and Kashmir citizens for his country’s intelligence. The suspect is accused of Belver S. The 54-year-old has collaborated with the Indian External Intelligence Agency since 2015.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars since their independence, two of them over Kashmir.

The Indian occupied Kashmir region has witnessed a separatist revolt since 1989, killing more than seventy thousand people, most of them civilians. The separatist rebels are demanding independence or joining Pakistan. The dispute between the two countries continues over the Kashmir region, which was divided between them in 1947 after their independence from Britain. India has more than 500 thousand soldiers in Kashmir.

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