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India Blames Pakistan of Harassing Guests at Islamabad Iftar

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India blames Pakistan of harassing guests at an Iftar party arranged in the capital city.

On Sunday the Indian diplomats complained that the security officials of Pakistan harassed the guests in Islamabad. The guests were invited to an Iftar party at a top hotel. The security officials went this far that they even confiscated the mobile phones and removed automobiles of the Iftar attendees.

The Indian High Commission said in a statement that guests faced extraordinary humiliation by the way they were handled by the security agencies.

The statement also said that the security officials conducted a concerted campaign in the days leading to the event in order to try to discourage the invited guests from attending the iftar arranged at the Serene Hotel.

The high commission said that the guests who were unable to reach the function venue, even from different cities like Lahore and Karachi, were intimidated and were stopped physically from attending the iftar meal.

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It further mentioned that in some cases, cars used by the invitees were even lifted and removed using forklifts.

The High Commission said that more than 300 guests were shunned away, which includes the diplomats, businesspeople, members of the media and parliamentarians.

It further added that they have asked the Pakistani government to look into the matter on an urgent basis and share the findings with the High Commission of India.

The foreign office of Pakistan did not respond immediately when contacted by the AFP. It is a history between the two countries that they blame each other for harassing their diplomatic missions.

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