India Becomes the Third Most Affected Country from Coronavirus


On Monday, India made the announcement that it has got about 700,000 COVID-19 cases, thus taking its count past Russia. It has become the third most affected country that has been affected by the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health indicated that 697,358 cases had been recovered. There has been a rise of 24,000 in the span of the last 24 hours while Russia has just got more than 681,000.

Brazil and the US have the highest number of the COVID-19 cases but India’s coronavirus affectees count is not anticipated to peak for many more weeks and experts forecast that the 1 million figures would be crossed this month.

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So far, the country has registered 19,963 deaths from the virus, which is a much lower number than many other badly affected nations.

New Delhi and Mumbai, the major cities of India have been hit worst by the epidemic. New Delhi has opened a new 10,000-bed temporary virus hospital while the other cities are working on making stricter restrictions on the movement in order to curb a new surge in the coronavirus cases.

The Kerala state capital has imposed a new lockdown starting from Monday with no public transportation and only the pharmacies are permitted to open.

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