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India Becomes Second Most Affected Nation by Coronavirus

Second Most Affected Nation by Coronavirus

India has now become the second most affected country by the coronavirus pandemic. It has outstripped Brazil after its cases increased past 4.2 million mark, on Monday.

India has 4,204,613 infected cases and its cases count is about seventy thousand ahead of Brazil, as of Monday.

On Sunday, India broke a global record after it reported more than 90,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day.

There were ninety thousand six hundred and thirty-two new cases in the span of 24 hours to Sunday, as per the data shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, while the count of deaths surged by 1,065 to 70,626.

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As per the data shown by the government, the COVID-19 cases count in India has reached 4.1 million and nearly 3.2 million people infected by the virus have been treated so far.

The Medical professionals and health experts said that the nation was witnessing a second wave of the global epidemic in some parts of the country and that the count of cases has increased owing to the surged testing and ease of restrictions on the public commute.

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