Increasing Textbook Prices Forcing Families to Give Up on Necessities

As per the Article 25A of the Constitution of Pakistan, the government shall be providing free and compulsory education to all the children between the age of five and sixteen years in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the law.

The reality, however, seems a lot different. As the textbook prices and other expenses relating to education gets out of control, the families striving to make both ends meet are forced to give up on their necessities for keeping their children in schools.

One poor lady almost in tears informed that she works hard so that she could provide her child with the opportunity get an education. She said that she has to give up on food so that she could afford the education. She pleaded the government to do something regarding the ever-rising prices of textbooks.

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As per the data of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the cost of education in the nation has climbed around eighteen percent within the span of March 2017 and March 2018.

One shopkeeper informed that a book that is of around forty rupees is being sold for rupees one hundred and twenty and rupees one hundred and forty with just the simple addition of a monogram. He added that everything is costly.

The inflation has not only hit on the textbook prices but has also affected the prices of stationery and other accessories which are related to education. Education is no more a cause it has also turned into a commercial activity like any other industry.

The question that remains is whether the government would ever be able to take the responsibility for providing free education to all and could the parents trying hard to make their ends meet would ever find any relief.

We all know that education has unfortunately become a money earning industry. Private schools charge huge amount of fees thus making it nearly impossible for less privileged people to send their children to quality schools. They also increase their fees now and then and that also at alarming rates.

I mean, education needs to be made available for all and of the same quality as it is the basic requirement for any nation to thrive.

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