Increased Flights for Pakistan Announced by Air China

Air China Limited a Chinese flag carrying airline has announced about increasing the flights count on the route from Beijing to Islamabad to Karachi. Air China is a major airline of China. It was founded and operating since July 1988.

The airline took the decision of functioning seven flights per week from 29 October 2017. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has provided multiple opportunities for both China and Pakistan. Zhao Lijian, Ministerial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy said that the progress of CPEC gave prospects to Air China to spread its business in Pakistan. He further said that CPEC has strengthened the political, economic and scientific ties between the two countries.

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Earlier in July the following year, Thai Airways Pakistan broadcasted about the additional fifth flight to and from Islamabad. The flight was added because of increased demand of customers who fly between Islamabad and Bangkok.

This additional flight would further strengthen the relations between the capital cities. It would be good for the outbound air traffic to Asia and the other continents of the world. It would also create more possibilities for incoming travels particularly from countries like Thailand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China to different other terminuses.

Before the addition of this new flight, Thai Airways was offering three flights to three cities of Pakistan namely Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. The total count of flights for Pakistan via Thai Airways was twenty-two flights in a week, including three weekly flights between Karachi and Muscat.

This decision by Air China would prove healthy in bonding deeper relationships between Pakistan and China.

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