How to Increase Page Ranking?

increase page ranking

Every business works hard to increase page ranking, but why do search engines rank web pages?

Every search engine has a database and to determine their importance in the database, they use an algorithm for link analysis. This is called page rank.

How is Page Rank Measured by Search Engines?

There are several algorithms created by search engines to measure your page rank. Your site has number of links and page rank is dependent on these links; which are

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Inbound links
  • Backlinks
  • Do-follow links
  • No-follow links

Every above mentioned link is analyzed by search engines and other related sites. Then, they assign to your site a numerical value from 1 to 10 which is known as page rank.

In this post, we have discussed few tips to enhance and improve your search engines’ page ranking:

  1. Submit Your Site

Your website needs not only backlinks, but also these should be of good quality to enhance its Page Rank on search engines. The most successful and widely used method to achieve this goal is ‘site submission’. You have to utilize different web directories for submitting your site. Following are some of the well-reputed directories:

  • Article-Buzz
  • Article Base
  • Yahoo Directory
  • Ezine Articles
  • DMOZ
  • Best of the Web
  1. Use Quality Content

There is a strong association between unique high-quality content and your site’s page ranking. However, your writing should not focus only on requirements of search engines. It should have some value to your visitor as well. The content which is not user-focused will annoy your visitors and it will lead to increase bounce rates. So, rather than giving you a benefit, it will negatively impact your Page Rank.

  1. Exchange Links

You may think it is an old trick but it is not dead yet. This method not only enhances your Page Ranks but also you get good quality traffic. When a website with higher Page Rank, uses a backlink to your site, it will enhance your credibility. It will eventually increase your ranking.

  1. Do Guest Posting

It is one of the most successful techniques for getting high Page Ranks. Most of the blogs allow guest posting so you can post your blogs and get few backlinks. These are really helpful if you’re submitting on high ranked blog.

  1. Update your Site

Google and other search engines prefer those sites which are regularly updated with fresh content. More posting means more crawling of search engines and more chances to get high Page Rank.

  1. Blog Commenting

For gaining a good quality Page Rank, you have to comment on other blogs and forums. You need to be socially active in blogging community. Some of the blogs allow Do-follow links which means by simply commenting on posts, you can generate backlinks for your site.

  1. Social Bookmarking

It is very effective yet simple method for boosting your Page Rank. In social bookmarking, you share your site on social networking websites. This way you not only get backlinks but also traffic. Here are some of the widely used social bookmarking sites:

  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • Stumble Upon
  • Twitter
  • Hub Pages
  • Digg
  1. Advertise Your Website

This method will give you good quality backlinks and traffic as well. Make a good and catchy banner or Ad for your site and then use different websites to advertise it.

  1. Insert Metadata

When you design your website, every webpage has space to insert information about the page’s content. This is called metadata. If you have used CMS for building website, there are pre-populated forms of metadata like title, description and keyword metadata.

  1. Use Alt-Tags

Alt-tags are used to describe the images and video on your website and they allow allocating your site by the search engines.

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