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Increase in Unannounced Load-shedding in Karachi

Unannounced load-shedding

In mid of the extreme weather conditions in the port city, in terms of hot weather and humidity, K-Electric has increased the duration of unannounced load-shedding in Karachi, as per the reports of local media.

As per the sources, the load-shedding duration in many areas of the city has been extended up to 10 hours. While the areas that are exempted from this issue are also witnessing the load-shedding of 3 hours on a daily basis.

Besides that, a spokesperson of the K-Electric said that the company was experiences 250MW shortage of electricity due to a fault in Hubco power plant. He added that the load-management was being done in the city owing to the shortage of electricity.

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He informed that they were in touch with the NTD for the problem resolution at earliest.

Previously on the 6th of September, the National Electricity and Power Regulatory Authority—NEPRA which conducted an in-house inquiry on the recent deaths in the provincial capital of Sindh due to the electrocution concludes findings, had accused K-Electric of most of the deaths.

The death count surged to 35 in 2 weeks which was put on KE administration for not taking pre-rain measures for the safety and security of the citizens as naked high-tension wires became the reason of deaths.

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