Increase in the Number of Immigration Counters at Karachi Airport

Immigration counters

The authorities have taken the decision and have surged the number of immigration counters at the Jinnah International Airport of Karachi quoting that there had been issues faced by the passengers of the international flights, as per the reports of local media.

The authorities have released directives for surging the number of immigration counters for the passengers of the international flights after a briefing was given to Sultan Khwaja by the additional director Zain Shaikh and Rauf Shaikh at the airport.

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As per the FIA, 3 counters would be set up on an immediate basis which would be hiked to 10, whereas the number would be increased to 21 within a span of a month. The authorities of FIA have also surged the additional deployment of the staff members for the facilitation of the passengers.

Previously, the passengers experienced severe difficulties owing to the long queue which urged them to face immigration process after the lack of staff and counters which also hindered normal operations and caused delayed flights for 2 to 3 hours.

The federal authorities had taken notice of the circulating media reports regarding the issues being faced by the travellers, indicating the long queues of passengers at the immigration counters.

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