Increase in Poultry Prices As Demand Surges

poultry prices

There has been a surge in the demand of poultry products and that has led to the increased poultry prices, so is claimed by the traders.

As per the shared details, the lockdown situation due to coronavirus led to a decrease in chicken production, ultimately resulting in a hike in its prices due to greater demand. 

The prices of chicken are decided each day and these change from area to area, depending on the supply and demand of the item.

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Muhammad Ishaq, a poultry dealer from Peshawar said that the market prices of chicken in Rawalpindi and Peshawar were the same. 

We get chicken along with a rate on a daily basis and we are given a concession of almost Rs.5 per kilogram so that we also earn from the business,” he added. He said the price of chicken was Rs.226 per kilogram on Saturday.

The trader also claimed that nowadays one of the reasons behind the upward trend in the chicken prices was that it was being transported to Afghanistan too. Abdul Maroof Siddiqui, the spokesman for Pakistan Poultry Association Southern Zone, said the prices were assessed by the demand and supply of the commodity. 

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