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Increase in Oil Prices After Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

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The Oil prices have witnessed a surge, with the Brent crude posting its highest intra-day percentage gain since the 1991 Gulf War, following an attack on the Saudi Arabian oil facilities on Saturday shut over 5percent of the global supply.

The prices have surged after the US President Donald Trump gives authorization to the use of the country’s emergency stockpile for assuring stable supply.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil exporter and the attack on the crude processing facilities at Abqaia and Khurias of Saudi Aramco—the state-owned producer has reduced the output by 5.7million barrels per day.

No deadline has been provided by the company for the resumption of the full output.

As per a source aware of the matter told Reuters that the return to full oil capacity could take weeks not days.

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Hue Frame—the managing director at the Frame Funds in Sydney said that they thought the attacks would be waking up a call for the investors, who have failed to price in risk within the crude price. Frame also said that the global supply would be contracting in the near future, the United States has the capability of supplying this contraction.

The nations which are the significant importers of the Saudi crude includes China, Indonesia and India, they would be the most affected to the oil supply disruption, as informed by Frame.

The oil exports of the Kingdom would continue as normal this week as the Kingdom has knocked on the stocks from its large storage facilities, as per an industry source briefed on the developments told Reuters.

As per Barclays, the attacks on the critical Saudi oil infrastructure over the weekend are unlikely to cut the Saudi oil exports significantly and the markets would likely be looking beyond the short-term supply-demand dislocations.

But, a re-pricing of supply-side tail risks would possibly be providing a more sustained boost to the oil prices.

President Trump said that he has given approval to the release of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve—SPR if need be in a quantity to be determined.

He also added that the US was locked and loaded for a potential response to the attack on the oil facilities of the Kingdom.

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