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Increase in NHA Revenue by 73pc During PTI’s Govt, Says Murad Saeed

NHA Revenue

Murad Saeed, the federal minister for Communications has said that there has been a surge in the revenue of NHA by 73 percent during the PTI government’s tenure.

On Sunday, in a statement he said that the authority has completed its initial phase of the geographic information system survey. He said this will further be boosting the revenue of the NHA.

He added that for the first time in the history of NHA, the geographic information system survey (GIS) was introduced. The authority also launched e-billing mode in the Hakla-DI Khan Motorway Project.

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The minister also showed his commitment for the on time completion of the road infrastructure projects.

The minister further said that the National Highway Authority has completed the Rawalpindi-Kharian project while the rest of the work on the roads and the phase-III would reach completion during the current year.

Murad Saeed apprised that his ministry recovered Rs.11 billion and deposited the amount to the nation treasure.

Previously, on the 11th of February, the overall revenue collection of the institution surged up to 70 per cent in comparison to the previous government, as per a report that was released by the Communication Ministry.

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