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Increase in Flour Prices in KP as Pakistan Resumes Export to Afghanistan

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The flour prices have increased in KP as Pakistan Resumes export to Afghanistan.

 The price of whole wheat flour (atta) and refined flour (maida) has been revised as well as per the price rates obtainable from the Atta Market in Peshawar.

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The reason behind this raise is that Pakistan has again started the export of flour and wheat items to Afghanistan via the Torkham border after the break of about 2 months. The atta dealers gave their opinion by saying that the government has contributed by putting wheat crops under pressure and raising its domestic demand and prices. The wheat exporters are also piling up their stocks in order to build up a better future export prospect.

The normal citizen is facing difficulties with the increasing price and is demanding the government to take control of the increasing inflation in the country.

Afghanistan imports wheat items from different countries, told the sources. And Pakistan has much better wheat items in terms of price and quality than the exporters.

The market analyst says that there are high chances that the price of the roti will also increase with the rise of the atta prices.

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