Increase in Flour Price in Karachi

Flour Price

The flour prices have surged in Karachi.

As per the available details, the price of Chakki Atta has increased up to Rs.62 per kilogram, while the price of fine flour is now Rs.66 per kilogram.

On Thursday, the consumers complained about the rise in the price of staple items and said that inflation is increasing day by day.

The retailers are of the opinion that they cannot do anything regarding the matter of prices. They said that they themselves receive flour at costlier rates from the wholesalers.

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Back in the month of July, the Sindh food authority warned CM Sindh-Murad Ali Shah that the prices of flour could surge in the province after a major increase in the province of Punjab.

The food department of Sindh has informed the CM that the surge in the price of wheat in Punjab could also affect Sindh.

Murad Ali Shah has as per reports asked the Sindh food authority to formulate a policy to keep control of the price of flour in Sindh. He informed that officials that the price of the commodity must not be raised in the province.

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