Increase in Fine Charges in Federal Capital to Avoid Traffic Violations

traffic violations

A bid was held in Punjab in order to discourage traffic violations and approval has been made by the Government of Punjab for an increase in fines.

The fines have been increased so that there would be no traffic violations. Ahsan Iqbal, the Provincial Minister for Information said that the approval had been given for increasing the fines for traffic violations as well as taking steps for helping to assure better traffic management in the light of Provincial Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2019.

He also said that this raise in the fine will help in making the traffic system better.

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With these changes, it has been decided that those cars which will be identified breaking the traffic rules will be charged with Rs 700 and the bikers will be charged with Rs 300 fine. Before these changes the fine for the cars was Rs 500 and people with bikes had to pay Rs 200.

Captain retired Malik Liaquat Chief Traffic Officer said that with the increase in fines the aim is to create more caution among people rather than accumulate profit. He also told the people that the price of getting a driver’s license have been decreased in order to assist Citizens.

Now the traffic will not be violated or broke out of fear. And people will feel safer than before.

The altered bill is ready to be passed out by the Punjab Assembly.

Citizens may feel this decision as an unfair one as they already have to deal with another problem that is Inflation.

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