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Increase in EOBI Pensions; Announces Zulfiqar Bukhari

EOBI Pensions

The Special Assistant of PM on Overseas Pakistanis and HRD—Zulfiqar Bukhari has made the announcement of a surge of Rs.2,000 in the term of pensions for the registered persons with the EOBI, as per the reports of local media.

Zulfiqar Bukhari while addressing an event made the announcement for increasing the pension money from Rs.6,500 to Rs.8,500 of the EOBI pensioners.

The pensioners would now be getting Rs.8,500 pension from next year, as per the Special Assistant to PM. He also said that it would be increased up to Rs.15,000 after the completion of the EOBI project next year.

He also said that the various cases are pending in courts about the 18 projects of EOBI. Bukhari further informed that the government is willing to make use of the government buildings under the custody of the various institutions.

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The Special Assistant to PM also said that Employees Old Age Benefit is the biggest victim of corruption as the money that belongs to the pensioners were used for the producing 18 properties. The incumbent government is working towards the betterment of the organization and the efforts of the EOBI managing director and its staff is appreciable for bringing noticeable improvements so far.

He said that they are making use of the EOBI funds in an effective way and the institution is not getting a single penny from the government.

Bukhari complained that the project of EOBI was delayed for 10 years, whereas the same institution has now gathered Rs.21 billion in revenue. He promised that the firms would not be permitted to grab the resources of EOBI and added that the PM is worried for the timely payment of the dues to the employees of the various firms.

Bukhari is committed to transforming the EOBI into a profitable organization with his experience.

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