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Increase in Daal Prices Across Pakistan

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There has been a surge in the daal prices across the country as the profit makers are taking advantage of the country-wide lockdown.

The pulses prices in Karachi rose by Rs.40 to Rs.80 per kilogram. The Daal Moong is selling for Rs.280, which has seen a surge of Rs.70 from its lockdown prior selling price of Rs.210.

In the same way, the price of Masoor daal and prices of Channa daal has also increased to Rs.175 from Rs.96 and from Rs.127 to Rs.165 respectively.

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The prices of the pulses have now come on par with the chicken prices.

Daal now costs almost as much as chicken.

In the capital city, the prices of pulses have increased by Rs.10 to Rs.40. The daal masoor is now selling at Rs.23 more expensive, daal moong is now selling from Rs.280, which ic Rs.40 more expensive and daal channa and daal maash is now selling for Rs.10 and Rs.15, respectively.

Quetta has witnessed the lowest surge in the daal prices, as an increase of Rs.10 to Rs.20 has been recorded.

The provincial capital of Punjab, the daal moong is selling for Rs.300 per kilogram. It was earlier selling for Rs.200 per kg. Daal masoor is selling for Rs.170 and daal maash is selling for Rs.180.

Similarly in Peshawar, the daal maash is now selling for Rs.250 and has seen a surge from Rs.180 and the daal channa and daal masoor are now selling for Rs.170 and Rs.160 respectively.

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