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Increase in Coronavirus Cases in Islamabad

coronavirus cases

There has been a constant upscale surge in the cases of coronavirus in Islamabad. The count of confirmed COVID–19 cases has risen to 12,643 on Sunday. On Monday, 248 more cases of the virus were reported.

Similarly, 5 coronavirus patients lost their lives on Sunday and one infected person died on Monday. Hence the total count of the coronavirus associated deaths has reached 128.

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During the last 6 days, the daily count of the positive cases of the virus has remained less than 271.

Most of the reported cases were from Loi Bher, then from sector I-8, there were some cases reported in the sector G-7 and Sohan, some were reported from Rawat, G-10, G-6, I-10, Tarlai, G-5, G-8, Khanna, G-11, G-10, G-9, and G-13.

On the other Usman Dar, the Special Assistant to PM on Youth Affairs informed, that the second phase of the Kamyab Jawab Program is to commence soon. He further added that a lot has been done under the leadership of PM Khan for the betterment of the country’s youth.

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