In Q3 2023, Samsung increased both its market share and revenue from the production of chips


The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has a vast portfolio of products ranging from smartphones to TVs and semiconductor chips. It has been known as the biggest memory chip manufacturer and the second-biggest chip manufacturing company in the world. In accordance with a recent report, in the third quarter, the company managed to hold its second position in the semiconductor chip manufacturing category.

According to TrendForce’s report, in contrast to the second quarter, Samsung’s revenue improved by 14.1%. Reportedly, the semiconductor chip manufacturing unit of the company generated $3.69 billion in the third quarter of the current fiscal year as compared to the $3.23 billion generated in Q2 2023. The market share of the company improved from 11.7% in the second quarter to 12.4% in the third quarter of 2023.

According to the report, 5G modems, 28nm OLED display drivers, and Qualcomm’s low to mid-range 5G chips were the main growth factors for the company. Additionally, it created Samsung’s own Exynos 2400 process utilizing a 4nm process, and it is probably going to use its second-generation 3nm process (3GAP) to create the Exynos 2500. Besides Samsung, TSMC has also manufactured the 3nm chip manufacturing process. However, Samsung has no big customers for the new process.

Aside from this, by 2027, the company intends to develop 1.4nm and 2nm chip fabrication process nodes. It aspires to surpass TSMC by 2030 by means of substantial investments and technological advancements. The market share of TSMC, reportedly, improved from 56.4% in Q2 to 57.9% in Q3 2023. A 10.2% increase compared to the previous quarter of the current year in TSMC’s revenue was observed. Notably, the company earned $17.24 billion in Q3 2023. With a market share of 6.2% and 1.85 billion in revenue, GlobalFoundries secured the third rank in the chip manufacturing category. The fourth and fifth positions were secured by Taiwan’s UMC and China’s SMIC, respectively.

China’s HuaHong Group comes in at number six, Israel’s Tower Semiconductor comes in at number seven, and Taiwan’s VIS comes in at number eight. Intel Foundry Services, or IFS, made its first appearance in the top 10 rankings in recent quarters, coming in at number nine with a 1% market share and $311 million in revenue. The tenth spot was grabbed by PSMC (Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation). Reportedly, it holds 1% of the market share and $305 million in revenue.

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