In order to better understand the universe, Elon Musk founds the new AI company xAI

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Ever since its introduction several tech companies jumped into the AI field to outcompete one another. While some other industry leaders have worried about the consequences of AI. Elon Musk is one personality who was against the rapid progress of the AI field. Surprisingly, Musk has announced his new company named xAi. Reportedly, the company is aimed at exploring the true nature of the universe.

There is currently no information regarding the objectives and goals of the company. According to the pieces of information, the xAI company will conduct a session on Twitter scheduled for 14th July. Users will get a chance to virtually meet the team and get information about it.

Reportedly, Elon Musk is heading the xAI team. The other team members are some important officials from the AI sector like OpenAI, Google Research, DeepMind, Microsoft Research, and Tesla including Yuhuai (Tony) Wu, Christian Szegedy, Jimmy Ba, Toby Pohlen, Ross Nordeen, Kyle Kosic, Igor Babuschkin, Manuel Kroiss, Greg Yang, Guodong Zhang, and Zihang Dai.

The nonprofit Centre for AI Safety’s director, Dan Hendrycks, will offer the business his expertise. Hendrycks stated, “I maintain my objectivity and do not have any motivation to limit my criticism. Do note that this project is under development for several months. One thing to notice here is that this company will operate separately from Musk’s X Corp. But the company will maintain its partnership with X (Twitter), Tesla, and other associated companies.

Why is Musk launching a new AI company?

Back in 2015, Musk founded OpenAI. His recent decision to create another AI company was inspired by an open letter he wrote earlier this year that demanded a temporary halt to AI development. This is due to Musk and other well-known professionals in the field being concerned that society may suffer as a result of corporations competing to create the most sophisticated AI system.

The letter said that there was “an unchecked race to create and implement ever stronger digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can comprehend, predict, or effectively control.”

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