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Imran Khan’s Third Marriage—Rumour or Fact

Imran Khan has secretly tied the knot again—and this time with a woman who was his spiritual mentor, The News claimed this in a report.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf—Chairman started the New Year by getting married on the night of 1st January in Lahore. He visited the anti-terrorism court in Islamabad the very next day of his marriage and was granted bail.

Mufti Saeed—a member of the PTI core committee performed the Nikah. He was also the Nikah khawan when Imran Khan publicly entered into the bond of marriage with Reham Khan back in 2015.

Awn Chaudhry and Naeemul Haq, however, have denied the reports relating the new marriage.

But the Mufti was a bit hesitant when inquired about the Nikah by The News, he neither confirmed the news nor rejected it.

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Awn Chaudhry—the Political Secretary of PTI-Chief is believed to have been a part of the ceremony, to which he directly denied when asked. He also rejected and negated the fact completely about the Nikah. He claimed that he had been with Imran Khan on the said dates.

The News, however, has verified it from various sources about Awn’s presence at the occasion. He was also the witness during Khan’s Nikah with Reham.

Naeemul Haq—Spokesperson for the party head also negated the news. He said that keeping in mind my long association with Khan I could say that with complete faith that nothing of the sort took place. He added that even if Khan would be willing to marry he would do so after the general elections 2018.

Mufti Saeed was reluctant in denying the news. When he was approached and inquired he dismissed himself by saying that he cannot say anything on the matter and please his apology be accepted.

The Nikah ceremony was held in Sector Y of the Defence Housing Authority, Lahore at the house of someone closely related to the bride and a friend of the PTI’s leader.

Earlier too when Imran Khan married Reham, initially the part head denied the news when it was reported by a senior journalist to which Khan tweeted on 31st December 2015 that “the reports of my marriage are greatly exaggerated”. Only eight days after the tweet, he himself confirmed his marriage openly in a public ceremony.

This time again the same approach is being adopted but let’s see how would this news end whether by a confirmation or a denial of the marriage by the Khan himself.

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